Our team consists of two permanent composers, two directors, one cutter, and a whole bunch of freelancer, we add to the projects if necessary


Nicola Dräenert

Filmproduzent, Fotograph & Musikproduzent

Nicolas Draenert (M.SC.) was born in Munich, Germany in 1986 and currently lives in Bern, Switzerland. In addition to his doctoral studies in geography at Bern University, with a focus on neurosensorics and the perception psychology of human thought in relation to natural space in mountain landscapes, he completed a specialization as Visual Media Specialist at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, US. The emphasis is on the development of the audiovisual soundscapes of natural spaces on the basis of analog and digital photo-videography in combination with acoustic and digital sound production. In his free time, he enjoys running marathons, writing creative short stories and poems, and plays the trombone and the piano.


Nicolas Draenert
tel: +41 41 820 68 24


Dr. Marcelin Draenert

Dr. Marcelin Draenert (director of photography)

Dr. Marcelin Draenert was born in Ottobrunn near Munich, Germany in 1981. He is the director of a medical engineering company in Brunnen on the VIerwaldstättersee, Switzerland. In addition to studies in medieval and modern history, he is self-educated in analog and digital photography and image processing and works as a freelance photographer.

His specialty is small to large format analog landscape photography with hybrid further processing. He is an enthusiastic kayaker and skier and enjoys extensive hikes with his family.



Dr. Marcelin Draenert
tel: +41 41 820 68 24